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Limiting Beliefs We Can Attack

June 17, 2011

The Castle

Everyone has beliefs, but unfortunately not everyone spends the time to examine their beliefs for validity or usefulness. I like to think of beliefs as windows in a thick-walled castle. You see, an infinite universe exists outside the castle, but you can’t see it all, you can only peek through the windows. And your beliefs are those windows that allow you to see what possibilities exist in the outside universe.

The problem is that we do not realize we are merely peeking and believe that all we see is all there is. And then we live our lives, make choices, and go our own ways based on these limiting beliefs, without realizing that a whole world exists outside our field of vision.

My Very Own Windows

I could argue there are no correct beliefs per se, there are only beliefs that empower us. The infinite nature of this universe means that anything is possible (correct) if you look at it, any belief can manifest if you hold it enough. Then, it seems of prime importance to notice our beliefs, examine them, and then attack the limiting ones.

Here are some of the major limiting beliefs I carry around – which I probably share with many of you – and possible retorts that make sense:

Work/Studying Is Boring

There has to be fun ways to work/study which I haven’t tried. I can optimize my work/study environment. I can ask for a change in my work conditions. I can try different jobs on the side.

Life Is Hard

(I like to think I got rid of this one, but I sometimes act as if it is true)

There is no proof to this. My life was easy at some point of time. If you do what you are capable of doing, life will be easy. If you know what you want, life is easy. Some people have succeeded with a relaxed attitude.

People Don’t Change

(Again, in the I Like To Think I Got Rid Of It camp)

It’s impossible that people don’t change. 🙂 I have seen people who have changed.

The Place I Live Determines The Capacity For My Success

I have seen people succeed everywhere. Different places have different rules for success.

I bet if I think harder I can come up with more “holes” in those beliefs, but there is no need to for now. A seed of suspicion is now firmly planted.

I think this can be a useful exercise… Why not try it? It doesn’t take much time.


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  1. The post is nice. I sure like having others share their own vision of how the world works. I guess everyone who has ever read Sophie’s Verden will agree!

    Anyways, I find it an improper metaphor. Beliefs do not “limit” your field of vision per se. It’s more like a filter, one that does not impair your ability to see and perceive of things, it just alters your responses and, using your words, how we live our lives and make our choices. A certain belief may limit the options that are available in ones arsenal as a response, like a muslim who can’t deal with sex-frustration through adultery, but they sure as hell do not do so in a bad way.

    The tone of your article is somewhat negative when addressing the beliefs issue. It is worthy however to note that there are good and bad beliefs, regardless of how subjective this categorization might be. To that end, I think your current spiritual status was a huge influence when you wrote this post, which is like I mentioned earlier impressive and sheds light on a certain aspect of the human experience that we’ve always took for granted.

  2. Also, I have forsaken the Jordanmafia website and will be blogging through my own personal blog which is yet to see its first post.

  3. Thanks Haytham and welcome to my blog…

    Hmm, I could think of it as a bidirectional filter. I think if a person firmly believes all people are stingy, he’s not going to meet any person he perceives to be generous. Bad example, I know, because that particular belief is rarely 100 % ingrained in somebody’s mind, but I couldn’t think of anything better.

    Yeah, I know there are “good” or at least useful beliefs; all of us possess those. But I feel the need to deconstruct negative beliefs outweighs the need to recognize positive ones.

    Looking forward to your posts. 🙂

  4. I share some of your beliefs and I don’t we examine them often but its good to do it from time to time. Our beliefs come from our world view and that has a myriad of things that are included. It takes time to sift through it all and figure out what stays and what goes 🙂

  5. Hello Ehab, I just want to say that I miss yr posts!

    It has been a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile 😦

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