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Connected, Are We?

May 31, 2011

A perfect ecosystem relies on the intricate balance of its components, meaning that these components have relationships among themselves that affect their existence/nonexistence but all contribute to the maintenance of the system. It stands to reason that there could be a similar system among humans, a human ecosystem if you will…

Hmm, but something about this analogy doesn’t sit well in my mind. Humans are conscious beings, unlike animals, whose nonconscious nature drives the system. How would it work for humans? Is there a set of actions that determines a particular result? Are there rules of this system that determine the optimal way to act for humans? Could humans consciously break the system somehow?

Could there be a global consciousness? A collective that lies underneath the surface. Could it be that this consciousness serves those who aim to expand it in a “if you help me, I’ll help you” kind of way? Could it be that when you aim to expand the human consciousness, you become so integral that the universe itself “goes out of its way” to secure your needs, physical and emotional.

Could this simply be God? Religion tells us that if we aim to improve the earth we live in, we will be rewarded by God.

The connections that exist between humans are obvious on some levels, mostly in the usual daily interactions that has to happen for life to go on. But I think there is an underlying connection or force that controls the results everybody gets in their lives.

When I see the world around me I think that we absolutely have to be connected, parts of bigger whole, our destinies tied to each other somehow, But there is no logical proof and that’s what drives me crazy. Maybe we should try to surrender ourselves to this idea and check the outcomes we receive in our lives…


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  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany permalink

    I guess the “surrendering” is what`s it`s all about! 🙂 ,, AKA = faith may be? 🙂
    we r tied to each other somehow <—- quoting you … I blv that leads that there is a connection to a higher "power" = God.

    Good read Ehab 🙂
    miss reading "you"

  2. Thanks Haitham…

  3. Interesting and thought-provoking… Nice to find your blog and I hope you’ll be blogging even more frequently.

    • Thanks you and welcome… Yeah, I guess I should be blogging more frequently…

  4. Gladiolur permalink

    Great post man, I guess having a “cause” in your life is what type of a man you will be… unfortunately here people’s cause are into a car, an apartment in west Amman and to have kids and take them to good schools and universities then die…
    that is the cause for most of Jordanian, more or less…

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