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May 15, 2011

Strange times I’m going through, as I’ve seemingly lost motivation to do almost anything, yet I did not harbor any negative feelings. I’m enjoying life in the simplest way, much like toddlers proudly walking around their parents legs.  Yesterday it struck that I’m not doing anything towards my supposed goals… There has to be a way to combine both elements; having goals and pursuing them shouldn’t feel sad, right?

We all need periods in life where we are merely free spirits, flowing with the river, going wherever it leads us. I guess the more the resistance you produce against the flow of life the sadder we are. I’ve struggled against the flow for a while now, and I might have wasted my biggest free-spirit experience (university), but I’m still young 😉 and still have a long journey ahead.

The ultimate shift would be to somehow alter the course of said river, so that my whole life is spent free-spiriting, wow… that’s even too big for me to imagine.


From → Introspective

  1. I think you can be a free spirit after University! I think it’s a little easier to do that…but maybe that is just me 🙂

  2. I guess that could be true… I WILL make it true! 🙂

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