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If everybody was paid 5,000 JD/month to NOT work…

January 28, 2011

Who would still be working? What does that mean? Is it reasonable to ask such a question in the first place?


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  1. Yeah… But not stop doing what I want in life 🙂 actually this is what I want to reach in life. Get rid of my financial duties and concentrate on other more important things than surviving…

  2. Haitham,

    That’s a good goal to aspire to, but dang you’re going to wait to free yourself financially, and then start concentrating on what you want?

  3. Not like I am not working on what I want, but more like dedicating your whole time to that purpose when you are free. btw, your friend had written a post about MDs internship in Jordan at did you see it? thought you should ;p

  4. Haitham,

    Thanks, I actually saw it but have conflicting thoughts on the matter. I used to be rigid about the issue like he is, but now I don’t know. I might respond to him later.

    Bas hilweh hay “your friend” 😉

  5. I think people would still work but not do things that they don’t enjoy OR we all would become really lazy, fat and our waste would be piled up…I’m sure both would happen. 😀

    • I agree theoretically, but I think very (very) few people already have jobs they would rather keep doing…

      • I don’t know…I think if you took money out of the situation people would enjoy their jobs more. There wouldn’t be the stress of making ends meat…

  6. Samar,

    Hmm, I like that idea. Very interesting.

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