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I Wonder…

January 16, 2011

When people grow older, do they stop asking big questions?

Is it merely a phase in a young person’s life that they grow out of? Or is it that adult life’s preoccupations take the mind away from such questions?


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  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany permalink

    يمكن إنو “بنتعود” على الحياة؟ حياتنا أقصد. نتعود عليها بكل روتينياتها؟

  2. Haitham,

    Enta 7asis 7alak t3awadit 3ala el hayah?

  3. Define big questions Ehab 🙂

  4. Haitham,

    Is there a particular point that you want to say? 🙂

  5. بصراحة بعض جزئيلتها حاسس إني تعودت عليها و بطلت مشوقة!
    و هذا هو السبب اللي كثير من الناس -و بخاصة كبار السن- بيتوقفوا عن “العيش” من أجله!
    مجرد انطباعات و تعميمها ليس صحيحا ً بالطبع.

  6. Late bloomers are people who did nothing while young, but who did something significant later. This means it is never too late for a human being to stop think about the big questions in life 🙂

  7. Sheeshany,

    Can you try to spice it up a little bit?


    Oh, I know what late bloomers means, and I know that it is never too late, but I was just wondering if older people actually did it.

  8. I am almost 56 years old. I’ve never stopped asking the “big questions”. I sometimes think my first words may have been ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ and they are still my constant friends. I want to know why everything happens and what caused it and what could have been done differently to achieve a different (better) outcome. I am eternally curious what’s on the other side of the mountain, beyond the next curve, under the sea. I want to know everyone and hear his thoughts and hopes and dreams. It has been my experience that most people stop all that as they approach ‘adulthood’ and begin to think of things more mundane and domestic. Most of my friends and family consider me eccentric, if not outright crazy because I am still a questioner and adventurer. I hope I never grow out of that phase because life would just be too dull to bear.

    This is a good post Ehab! I hope you always ask the “big questions”.

  9. Jim,

    Thanks for that heartfelt reply. I’m glad you’re still wondering, and I hope I don’t stop wondering too. Welcome to the blog.

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