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Note To Self…

December 13, 2010

The question of why am I doing everything I do in life is always on my mind. You see, I’m kinda moody when it comes to this stuff; whenever I’m reminded I’m doing something for a crappy reason, like going to work just because I have to, when there is no work required, I just feel like crap. I slack… a lot, and it usually takes me a couple of days of mindless depression to recuperate. I know I’m not the only one with this problem, heck, most of the people I know have (but not necessarily suffer from) this problem, but I guess I’m just hypersensitive.

This came to my mind recently, as I’ve just skimmed through Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (nice book, but could have been shortened by half) in which the author says that one of the components of an optimal experience (flow) is to do things for their own sake, and not for any “external” reason, and he speaks about a factory worker who enjoys flow during his seemingly boring work by creating his own mini-challenges. So basically the activity is its own reward.

This is just a reminder that I should try to do the same, I should create my own experience, and focus my attention (or “psychic energy” as Flow puts it) into enjoying whatever I’m doing for it’s own sake. Wish me luck, I’ll try to update later on how I do…

UPDATE: Here’s a nice article that I saw yesterday (what a coincidence) that somewhat contradicts the whole intrinsic motivation thing… Check it out…

  1. haitham permalink

    U knw Ehab, I don`t think u need luck 🙂
    I mean as u wrote this I blv u managed to bounce several steps forward already 🙂

    One can choose to feel that way or another -conscious mean- but “surroundings” makes that hard a lot of times. That`s how I see it 🙂

    I can make a decision to feel [insert emotion here] bwt a certain situation, and it`s better to be a positive one 🙂

  2. Haitham,

    Thanks man, that’s what I will do… 🙂

  3. lana permalink

    You know what Ehab? I think you need therapy. And I promise I don’t mean that as an insult at all, because almost everybody needs therapy. I just feel like you should have someone to talk to for an hour and just say whatever is on your mind without being judged. Don’t you think? 🙂

    • Well, I definitely need some form of rehabilitation. Therapy would probably be useful, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion.

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