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5 Topics Jordanian Men Talk About

December 3, 2010

This is what keeps men busy in jahat (prewedding meeting of the two families) and funerals or basically, any other situation where men meet, have to spend some time, and have little to do…

1- Sports: Especially the younger generation, often identifying so much with teams and players that they start to use sentences like:

We sold player X but we still beat you 5-0″

2- Politics: And suddenly everyone is a seasoned politician, and everyone seems to understand all the intricacies of everything that is going on in this tiny little world. And they always blame others for everything that doesn’t happen to agree with their view of things.

3- Economy: Stock market… Fall down of company X… Investment… Money and how easily it is lost, and they blame others for all that is wrong in the economy.

And a related topic…

4- Real Estate: Rising prices, increased costs, inflation. Which company is building whatever tower somewhere. Al 3abdali project… the two towers and how they’re taking forever to be finished…

5- Cars: Again, the younger generation. Rising fuel prices, and the only way “they” can solve this problem. Top Gear… Tagweem contests… How women can’t drive… The latest and greatest, and the yearning to own one…

Pretty constructive, I would say… Wonder what women talk about? 🙂


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  1. the most annoying word i hate to hear is when somebody start using “we” in sport discussion!!! c’omn ! does that team even know that you are exist!! or maybe you have majority of shares in that team!!

    BTW…Al 3abdali project…sho % ?!

  2. Hmm, I would have to say that men in this country can’t drive. Women are just afraid.

    As to what women talk about…currently the topic is marriage in my group, which is also word vomit.

  3. W7l,

    Yeah, I bet fans in teams’ home countries don’t speak like that…

    I’m also curious, where is Al 3abdali project going? Anyone?

  4. Samar,

    Hehe, indeed, men too can’t drive… 🙂

    Yeah, why doesn’t anybody talk about anything substantial?

    • Thank you for agreeing! I hear way too many comments about how WOMEN can’t drive…but it works both ways!

      I would like to know as well. I try to introduce the topic and I end up talking to myself :/

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany permalink

    lol @ the 2 comments :DDD

    I think “entrepreneurship ” is topic #6 loOl

    Women talk bwt “my BF didn`t allow me to go out last week, sorry” 😛

    *I`m guilty of #3 and half #2 😛

  6. Samar,

    I think the general perception is that women are not ballsy when driving, or tend to freak out easily… But in terms of abiding to rules and etiquette, men might be more guilty…


    I personally don’t know any guy (myself included) who doesn’t talk about one of these topics.

    Surprisingly, there is not too much entrepreneurship talk among the people I know…

    • Yeah, I guess you could say that…I have heard many comments about how you are brave to drive but it’s becoming more old school…It’s more acceptable for the younger generation.

  7. so women talk about:
    – how stupid men are talking about football all the time 🙂
    – how much men cannot drive in Jordan 🙂
    – kids, babies, nappies, baby food, kids who wont eat salad or cucumber…
    – kids at school, how fast they grow,
    – those without kids usually talk about : having / not having kids, BF/husbands/fiance – cooking

    – how idiots men are in general – that’s a major topic for married women!

    🙂 just kidding … euh maybe not! no offence lol

  8. Haitham Al-Sheeshany permalink

    @babs no offence! What do u call that,,

  9. None taken Babs… 🙂

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