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October 26, 2010


Who remembers Riwayat Masriyeh Lel Jeib? (Pocket Egyptian Novels – sounds silly in English, sorry for that)

They were those novels that captured my imagination as a young man. I even enjoy them now when I return to them every once in a while. There were two series I mainly followed: Rajol al Mosta7eel (Man of the Impossible) and Malaf al Mostaqbal (Files of the Future). The first series was an action-packed police thriller, the second was science-fiction.

Of course, there were other series back in the day, such as Al Moghameroon Al 5amsa (The Five Adventurers), as well as Al Shayateen Al 13 (The Thirteen Devils). The names are much more dramatic and cheesy in English, I  know. But the two I mentioned earlier were my favorites.

So thank you, Dr. Nabil Farouq (who is a Medical Doctor, by the way) for all the good times I had along with millions of young Arab readers.



Double 30-trial update:

Well the Pepsi trial held up so far, and I think I’m gonna quit Pepsi (the non-diet kind) for good, I’m drinking too much diet Pepsi, but that’s a step for another trial. Now, the night eating trial just broke down, or more precisely exploded, into tiny pieces. The most important cause is that my sleeping schedule was disturbed for most of the past month. When you sleep at 3 am, it’s tough to not eat anything after 8 pm.

And now I don’t know what will I do…



I’ve been studying for a while for exams that I will take in order complete a specialty abroad, and that’s why I have been busy and have not posted anything in quite some time. But I should post more often, I know…


And that’s what has been going in my life recently, in a very quick, unedited post… 🙂

  1. Quitting Pepsi is always a good idea 🙂 Eat small meals…You are supposed to eat 6 small meals a day. Like peanut butter and an apple…I laughed at the lady who told me that! but I thought I would share.

  2. Samar,

    I know I’m supposed to eat many meals a day, and I already do that! 😉 The meals could be a little smaller though ;). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany permalink

    ONE: thx 4 the memories, lool I never read al-rajol al-musta7eel! But I was a nut case 4 al-m3’ameroon al 5! + al-shayateen al 13 🙂
    I think the auther 4 al-m3’ameroon al 5! + al-shayateen al 13 was 3abdel 3azeez salem! I rmmbr how we fought over completingthe sequal 😛 (I got looooads of them in “so” dusty boxz) 😀

    TWO: DietPepsi is not that good either Ehab! Trust me. I`m a diebtic and used to drink diet like crasy, I consulted with a number of Dr.z and they all rec. to quit! I haven`t had any in 6 years now! And it feels gr8 + healthy(ier 110%) 🙂 , best of luck!

    Three: best of luck, I guess such an exam need well prepration, so do focus but still “ma tg6a3na” 🙂


  4. Thanks Haitham for all the kind wishes 🙂

    – Yeah, sometimes I would die waiting to get the sequel to one of those stories, and what really sucked was going to a store and finding only some parts of a series… Good times, though…

    – Diet Pepsi is on its way out, I guess, soon enough my friend

  5. haitham permalink

    Or when u get one and find the last 10 pages missing! grrrrr
    All soda should be banned 😀

    I`m reading yr latest entry, not sure if I`m gonna comment or not! :S


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