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Weird Election Incident…

October 18, 2010

So I was in Jabal Al-Luweibdeh earlier this evening, standing in a street corner waiting for my buddy to finish his private phone call, when two boys (late-teens) approached. One was like “assalamu 3alaikom,” I responded “wa 3alaikom assalam,” then they proceeded to take off one of the cardboard election posters of a certain candidate (let’s call him X.)

The poster was hanging high on a street light, so they just yanked the bottom edge off, and figuring they could not take the top, one of them said, “we can’t get it from here, lets get the ladder,” and off they went. I stood there watching, silently.

Then, a group of three older (mid-twenties) guys came with a ladder. I told them that there were two other guys trying to get a ladder, and they’re like “yeah, they’re with us.”

I asked, trying to play it as cool as I can, “So why are you taking them off?”

“The elections are over, man (sarcastically)”

I smiled and I asked the other guy who are they with, he said they are with candidate X and that there is a misprint in the posters. I asked him what is the misprint, he told me the posters have the Jordanian flag wrong. I asked him how, he ignored me and removed the poster quickly and held it facing the other side.

Finally, a pick-up truck came around, full of those posters, face down, and the guy laid the poster right up there, and then the whole gang sat on the pavement eating falafel.  I walked a little bit down the street and could not find one poster with a wrong flag. Absolutely none.

This little incident spurred several questions in my head, but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt…

Hope the guy doesn’t lose a lot of votes due to a simple misprint…


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  1. interesting…
    i have been thinking about doing a post on the elections, but i don’t really know what’s going on… how people are feeling about it!

  2. Haitham permalink

    Viva democracy -or something like it-!
    Every1 is entitled to their own “ladder” Ehab; correct? 😉

    It`s more than an incident in my book! It`s a sigh of society-shame to me 😦


  3. I wonder what that is about. It seems to be a common sight lately, posters being taken down, some with holes in them and others just torn down and another candidate’s poster put up. Is this normal for every election?

  4. Babs,

    Don’t worry too much about it. 😉

    Haitham and Samar,

    Random posters torn down is a usual sight in every election, but to do it on a huge scale like going through streets collecting posters in a truck, that’s new to me. And that’s why I don’t know what to believe about it…

  5. Ehab,

    Where is your website feed man?!

  6. It’s to the right, can’t you see it –>

    Ok, so I just added it! 😛

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