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Is there such a thing as blogger’s block?

September 13, 2010

I guess there is. 🙂

Well I have a couple of posts cooking in my head, but I just won’t sit down and type. I wonder how other bloggers do it. Personally, I figure I might burn out as a blogger if I overthink my posts, like say, a college essay, so most of my posts are written as thoughts flow through my head to the keyboard, mostly published in one sitting.

The problem with that is that I feel my ideas aren’t expanded well enough, I feel my posts might lack power and emphasis. But that’s the price to pay, I guess.

So fellow bloggers, why not share your blogging process? I’m curious to see how others do it.


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  1. I think there is. Good luck with that! I find myself writing when I am angry, which is never good. It usually takes me a day or 2 to write a post, I read and re-read over and over again. Sometimes they even turn into something very different. Just gotta find what works for you.

  2. Samar, thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, I guess everybody’s gotta find what works for them. But the thing with writing about negative emotions, is that I believe there has to be an approach of releasing the emotion, or maybe building towards a positive end. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with anger for quite a while!

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