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Fear of Failure

September 4, 2010

If you’re afraid of failure in a certain endeavor, do you expect to enjoy a full experience?

And then, can you really judge if you liked that endeavor or not?

I believe most young people need to explore many options before they can decide on what they want to do with their lives. But, this exploration has to be relentlessly courageous. You have to walk all the way down a certain path, or else you risk that some potential destinations remain unseen, some options not fully explored.

Now, if you afraid’re of failure, your subconscious mind (or ego) may sabotage your efforts by preventing you from giving 100%, in order to protect your ego from having to deal with a failure-after-going-all-out situation. If you don’t give 100%, your exploration of that field may be inadequate.

How are you then going to evaluate that field as a potential purpose? Can you be really sure about your evaluation?

I believe the solution to this is to get rid of the idea of failure. Anything that happens to you is simply an addition to your experience in life, a block that strengthens your base of knowledge. Just embrace all that occurs. Think of it a game where all that matters is your enjoyment, and where anything that happens serves merely to improve your skill.

Only then can you truly seek your purpose.


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  1. Beautiful hypothesis =) I’d also recommend reading an article by Gladwell titled “the art of failure” and here is a link to it:

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed the article. Gladwell, despite his flaws, is always interesting to read.

  3. haitham permalink

    V. good read.
    Thx Ehab.

    Getting rid of the very idea of failure is essential; it needs practice though!

    Thx again,


  4. Haitham,

    Welcome to my blog! Yeah, it needs practice. But realizing that you have to do it is the first step.

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