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The Magic Words: Thanks and Sorry

August 20, 2010

I don’t know why, but I feel it’s very hard for most people in our society to utter these two simple words. Maybe people feel it’s insulting to say these words, maybe it’s just that they’re not raised this way. If our society has a reputation of being unfriendly, well, maybe that’s why.

Well, so a friend was entering Jordan University Hospital with his car, when he was stopped by a man who wanted to go to the hospital on the top of the hill. My friend offered his help, and took the guy up the hill. He then asked him where in the hospital he wanted to go, gave him directions and off the man went. No thank you, no ya3teek el 3afieh, nothing!

Another friend of mine, parked his car in one of the parking lots around the University of Jordan. He came back to his car to find that it was blocked by another car. By the way, where on earth does somebody get the courage to simply block another car? But that’s another story. So he comes back to find it blocked and there is nothing he can do but wait. Well, half an hour later, two guys come along, sashaying towards their car, and they’re like “We didn’t delay you, did we? (!)” My friend tells them to go on, visibly irritated. And they’re like “Eish ya m3allem? Why do you talk like that?” Not only are they totally mistaken, they even stirred up trouble.

And there are many other examples. This is very unfortunate, as I wonder how many fights can be avoided by these simple words. On a bigger scale, how many productive hours are lost due to unnecessary conflicts in streets? How many children are yelled at due to adults being in a terrible mood from such incidents? These questions might be taking it too far, and the effect of this problem may seem negligible, but the solution is dead simple: just say Hello, Sorry, and Thank You. Our world will be a better place.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day! šŸ™‚


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  1. Douja permalink

    I love this post, We as a society do not think of the little remarks we can say to cheer someone up, end a fight, or simply thank someone. We have large egos and even smaller minds at time, what seems to be hard for us is quite easy for others. A simple word can change a day

  2. That’s actually one of the things which I find sad here – it’s true nobody say thank you – and when I say thank you to somebody they just stare at me lol! I think it’s cultural – I even say excuse me when I sneeze… haha – even kids don’t say thanks, it’s ashame …

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