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You thought Tawjihi was a mess, wait till you finish college!

August 16, 2010

Now that Tawjihi grades are out, and everybody has chosen their majors, and everybody lives happily ever after… Well, it’s not that simple. Our society suffers from a severe problem: Young people don’t know what they want in this life.  Worse, they don’t care to know what they want!

The problem in my opinion is not related to a single factor, but it’s a system that just keeps feeding into itself.  There are many components to this system, each flawed in its own way.

The Educational System in our country does not direct students in any way or another. The focus is more on teaching information rather than directing students about life. There is little exposure to possible career options, ambitions and aspirations are not explored. Children’s dreams are smothered under the expectations of academic excellence.

And the trend goes on in college. Right from the beginning, students choose their major based on what their tawjihi grade could get them, “social prestige,” money-making potential and whatever stupid reason there is. And in most of our universities, there are close to no chances for students to explore other options. The apathy mindset is firmly planted, and students learn to “get along” and silence the doubts they have.

The Society at large has to carry some of the blame. I always hear stories about how the situation at our universities was much better 30 years ago. Well, back at that day, people were not forced to go to college. Again, people chose to go to college. Those who did not want to go had other options. Contrast that to they way things are now: everybody has to have a college degree, you don’t get married without a college degree, you’re a shame to everybody around you if you don’t have a college degree. And thus, thousands of young people are forced down the conveyor line every year, going to college with absolutely no interest in learning anything, wasting time and money and most importantly, wasting talents and spirits.

The Students might be the victim of all this, but they can also be the solution. Most of the young people around me are either depressed, fed up, or at best dragging along. Where has all the kid-energy gone? Some say you have to get tired at first in order to become happy. Well, I want to be happy now and later. Do I have to compromise?

Maybe this is a time for an enormous awakening. It could start with us, young people. Maybe that’s the way to break the chain, if one component straightens out, maybe others will follow…


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  1. This is true indeed, many of my stupid friends thinks that the first 40 years of your life should be hard! What can I say about them?! All they want is to go work in gulf countries, waste their lives working like donkeys, raise up kids the wrong way, and then get hit by late life crisis!

    But you can not blame them, I mean an engineer salary is 800-1000 JD after 7 years of experience! So yes, may be they are right when they go live in one of these screwed up countries!

  2. Life can be hard, but what stings me is how everyone seems so willing to compromise the first 40 years of their life. The deep-seated belief that one has to suck it up just kills me, and then this belief goes to their children, grandchildren, etc…

    How can you ever change that?

  3. Lana permalink

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m currently a Tawjihi student, and I have absolutely no idea about what to do later. Sometimes I think about majoring in Psychology for example, but I am certain my parents wouldn’t be okay with even discussing it. It’s a tough life. You can’t just change the way things are just like that.

  4. Lana,

    Well, it’s a tough situation you’re in, and I’ve been there before somewhat. But what you think you want may easily change after you get a little exposure. So just try to get into a major that gives you freedom to explore. Good luck.

    But it’s still unfortunate that most young people in Jordan are not given complete freedom in that matter…

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