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Being in the perfect situation, part 2

July 16, 2010

What is the perfect situation, anyway?

Isn’t the perfect situation simply a mental construct, a vision in your mind? I believe that your mind does not simply observe, it creates as it observes. The construct is being built as you observe the world around you. If you observe perfection, perfection is created!

Your results are perfect, because you are in the perfect situation, there is no such thing as failure. But the whole thing has to stem from a belief, that you ARE indeed in the perfect situation! Beliefs control our lives in various ways, and if it isn’t this belief, it might be another (possibly disempowering) one. So why not choose to believe empowering beliefs?

Hat tip to Douja

  1. Douja permalink

    AWWW thank you Ehab!! This is exactly what I believe, in cases we choose to either see the worst or the best. We create the situations, so why do we choose to believe less then empowering thoughts? Sometimes we are too blinded by the failures, mistakes or flaws to see past these thoughts. Our mind is tricky and we cannot simply use are mind to make all of our situations sometimes we must use our heart.

  2. Exactly, we should choose to believe empowering beliefs, or else our beliefs will be chosen for us!

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