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Being in the perfect situation

July 13, 2010

Do you believe you are in the perfect situation?

It could be that just believing you’re in the perfect situation, makes it a perfect situation. I believe that a lot of stuff in our lives occur in our heads. If you imagine your brain to be a filter that filters your perceptions according to a certain program, then why not reprogram your brain to filter positive and maybe perfect experiences.

The problem is that all the above (like all beliefs) is rather un-provable, you just have to believe. But it sounds like a great belief to have, right? So maybe you should adopt it!

But if you choose to believe that, how do you reconcile with the desire to improve your situation? If you’re in the perfect situation, there’s no need to do anything. You do not want to be complacent.

Aha, but if you’re in the perfect situation, you indeed don’t have to do anything but live it… Just thrive and do your best, and that’s why you put effort into stuff you do, because YOU ARE IN THE PERFECT SITUATION, SO WHY NOT PUT SOME EFFORT LIVING IT!

  1. Yes indeed, we just see whatever we want and filter the rest! But I think these filters are constructed out of our experiences in the past, which means that the first step toward changing, is changing these filters!

  2. Douja permalink

    Our mind is the best tool in all reality Ehab, we can create illness with our minds and cause our own sickness. We create perfect situations in an effort to avoid the reality of the matter to avoid the problem or to show a better predicament, so to answer the question I think there is clearly no such thing as the perfect situation. ‘Perfect’ is a term we use which has no real definition except something we have created as ‘ideal’. Like the term ‘normal’ we can define that in our own way. It is all in our mind, great post!!! 🙂

  3. Haitham,

    Yeah, and I believe that “changing the filters” can be a conscious process


    Excellent point about which I wanted to write a new post

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