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Reevaluating relationships

July 10, 2010

Should anyone evaluate their relationships?

Well, in the past days, this topic has been running in my mind. When I know somebody for many years, there’s a decent chance he/she will change. But there is a lingering feeling that you’re being “stuck” in a relationship that may be harmful to you, should you just keep on being “loyal”?

Then again, should relationships be about loyalty? Shouldn’t they be about mutual interests and benefit? And mutual happiness as well? I believe they should.

And along those lines, I feel I’m in need of a change, meet new people, foster new relationships. I should crack my shell, and just expose myself. The internet might be a good medium for that, with the ability to find people with similar interests and thinking.

This blog, in a way, is me trying to open myself to this world. Let’s hope it provides me the experiences I need to start my new journey in life…

  1. Douja permalink

    A relationship is all about trust, you must trust someone in order to form any bond with them. If you only see the flaws in a relationship of constantly reevaluate it you will lose sight of it, you must appreciate the beauty in it. I think you are definetly growing 🙂

  2. Ehab,

    Actually, I found the internet a one big lab for tinkering with social relationships in general! It tells you much if you keep your eyes and ears wide open =) Good luck and wish you a decent experience with blogging!

  3. Douja,

    I love it! Indeed, trust is what it takes… One has to try to see the beauty in everything



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